Update 1.5.1 Release Notes

Added the Session Statistics functionality that give players the possibility to monitor their detailed battle statistics for the day. It will be collected for all Random Battles, except for Grand Battles. Session statistics are automatically cleared once a day, and all your daily activities are reset. However, you can reset the current statistics yourself and start gathering it again. The data are saved on the server, so Session Statistics will be available in all players' game clients.

Session Statistics will be available right in the Garage, to the left of the Notification Center button.

Using the new functionality players can:

  • Check the change in the Personal Rating (WTR) over a game day
  • View general statistics on income/expenses based on the results of battles played
  • View their performance based on the results of battles played per session (or per day)
  • See how effective they are when playing on various vehicles for the current session
  • View the influence of the current gaming session on the value of the parameters for all time (your game dynamics)
  • Reset the current statistics and start gathering it again
  • Session Statistics gives players the direct access to the Hall of Fame to view more detailed daily statistics

Also, as part of the work on Session Statistics, we slightly reworked the Hall of Fame and added to it:

  • Parameter information for all time
  • Indicators of the impact of current daily statistics on the parameters for all time

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