Update 1.4.1 Release Notes

Blueprints are special content items that can be used to get discounts on researching new vehicles. Every researchable vehicle (starting from Tier II) has blueprints.

  1. Once a blueprint is completely assembled, no experience is required for researching a corresponding vehicle.
  2. Each blueprint consists of fragments; their number depends on the vehicle tier. Each fragment increases the research discount of a particular vehicle.
  3. If a player receives a blueprint fragment for a vehicle that has already been researched or has all blueprint fragments collected, such blueprint fragments will be automatically converted to one of the following blueprint types: universal or national.
  4. A player can get a blueprint fragment they need by converting a certain number of national and universal blueprint fragments. The number of the required blueprint fragments depends on the vehicle tier.

Added a new type of battle rewards: Reward for Merit (previously known as the Random Reward). They contain various game items, as well as blueprint fragments. They can be earned in the following way:

  • With a certain probability after each battle.
  • If a player does not receive a Reward for Merit after a battle, the probability of receiving it increases for the next battle. When you receive a Reward for Merit, the probability is reset and the process repeats.
  • These rewards can be earned only in Random Battles.
  • The first four rewards you earn will be small and the fifth one will be large.

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