World of Tanks is a popular MMO tank game by a studio from Belarus, Wargaming. The action of the game takes place amidst military events of the 1930s-1960s and features realistic copies of military combat vehicles of those years. You have to start as a commander of an early 30s tank and fight to reach the most modern and powerful tanks and other armored vehicles of the late 60s. World of Tanks download is available for your computer on the official website of Wargaming for free. 

Welcome to Warfare!

In this free tank game, you can take control over any armored vehicle that you like and join tank game online anytime you want. Although most real-life tanks are controlled by groups of people, you have to control your vehicle alone in the game. Besides, you can communicate with your team comrades via text or voice chat. To win a match, you have to destroy all the enemy tanks or capture the opposing team’s base. 


Battle mechanics in WoT include ambushing, camouflage, module damage to vehicles, and even realistic armor ricochet. These mechanics are the same for all 6 online tank games that are available in the current version of WoT. Depending on the mode and mission that you choose, you will receive different rewards. 

The Armored Fleet

The latest version of this tank world game includes over 600 tanks and other types of armored vehicles by manufacturers from the USSR, USA, Great Britain, France, Germany, China, and other countries of the world. Each country presented in the game has at least 1 line of vehicles. A line always includes a minimum of 10 vehicles that match the requirements of 10 tiers.

The awesome thing is that you can customize every vehicle you have to boost its performance on the battlefield and to make it more recognizable. Many of the camouflage options are historically accurate copies of bodyworks by famous tank crews. In addition to cosmetics, you can add up to 3 useful devices. Some equipment packs can make your battle tanks less vulnerable, while others boost the damage power. There are plenty of ways to customize your wheeled fortress and turn it into a unique war machine!

What About Consoles?

World of Tanks online game isn’t just a PC exclusive. The developer considered the interests of console players and developed a special cross-console version of the game called World of Tanks Mercenaries. This game is adapted to controls and hardware of Xbox 360, Xbox One, and PS4. It’s also possible that Wargaming is already working on a new console WoT, to present its great online tank game on the next generation of consoles. If you want to enjoy the best of all free tank games on a mobile device, you can also get WoT Blitz for iOS and Android. 

The Best So Far

World of Tanks is the best amongst all existing tank games on the market. It lets you experience commanding the widest range of armored vehicles and feel yourself a real warrior. Explore the armored vehicle fleet of the entire planet and conquer the worldwide leaderboards!